A single Resume have a million Opportunities

                                                                                                                                                     Searching a private job Is also a ‘JOB’.…

At college life , a student dream big , high big and also wants big but when he pass out what he get actually ? Only a degree, a single paper of Resume.

From passing day a student life fully depend on a single paper resume and a student become job seeker, candidate and fresher also. Now he sees the real world professional world, where time to use the knowledge, time to check patience.

Now days candidate face much of pressure on mind. Family try to support but relative disturb them by giving lot of examples related from degree of candidate. Lot of senior show sympathy but when it’s actually need then they make same issue. Many private agencies and consultancies make promises regarding job and make money from candidates. Some of them provide a chance but at a little amount and heavy work load. This is a true journey of a job seeker /candidate.

After studying on these problems some professionals , students and recruiters of companies make a team and decide to build-up a platform for seekers , where job seeker upload their resume without any cost and get a call from companies . Platform named by naukrilinked.com, means where jobs link in a chain for candidate. Here candidate upload a resume and get many more opportunities in relevant filed.

Naukrilinked.com job portal covers many of field as engineering, medical, commerce, technical and non technical etc. It also try to provide job at many locations as Delhi/NCR , Lucknow , Kanpur ,Pune , Bangalore , Kolkata , Mumbai , Nagpur etc.

So we invite all private job seeker to register for jobs and also naukrilinked most welcome to recruiters for post their job. Growth of any company is based on type of staff, so hire better from here .

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